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Our Story

While Soundmatters was originally founded in 1998 as an audio research + development company, its management team has a long and successful history developing and marketing high-quality brands.

In 2003, Soundmatters introduced its first product under its Soundmatters brand, the MAINstage 1-Box Surround System. This model became an immediate critical hit, receiving the 2004 Consumer Electronics Design and Engineering Showcase Award and raves from both the general consumer and audiophile press. The MAINstage pioneered the now-burgeoning category of 1-box surround solutions, of which Soundmatters is an acknowledged leader.

mainstage copy

In 2006, Soundmatters introduced the higher powered MAINstageHD and a revolutionary new ultra-low-profile form-factor to high-performance subwoofers – the 4″-tall SUBstage100.

In 2007, Soundmatters introduced its new SLIMstage series 5.1 surround consoles. Their remarkable surround performance, flexibility, and ultra-slim chassis truly raise the bar for all-in-one surround solutions.

In 2008, Soundmatters introduced the world’s first pocket-sized portable HiFi systems, the foxL, with its successors and derivatives setting the reference for the category while the palm-sized foxLO subwoofer provides deep bass from a palm-sized enclosure.

As Soundmatters continues to grow and develop its brand, one thing remains a constant: to utilize our unique technologies to develop innovative, high-performance, ultra-compact products done SIMPLY. BETTER.