New Health and Wellness Announcement

New Health and Wellness Announcement

With New Health and Wellness Announcement,
Soundmatters to Leverage Core Technologies

Reno, Nevada – March 6, 2018

Soundmatters International, the leader in wide-bandwidth ultra-compact audio
solutions, announces the addition of a new research direction focused on the
study of, and potential benefits of, the use of specific tones, frequencies and
music to enhance personal wellness.


Soundmatters was founded in 1998, by nuclear physicist, NASA scientist, and
legendary audio designer, Dr. Godehard Guenther. As a Research + Development
company, Soundmatters has focused primarily on expanding the availability of
ultra-wide bandwidth low distortion audio reproduction beyond traditional highend
hi-fi. Utilizing an ever-expanding portfolio of patented technologies, the
company initially concentrated on bettering computer audio and all-in-one music
systems, developing audio solutions for companies like Labtech/Logitech and
Viewsonic. More recently, Soundmatters created the first audiophile-quality tiny
portable loudspeaker, the foxL, named a TIME Magazine Top 10 Product of the
Year. This was followed by their development of Jawbone’s Jambox, the speaker
that launched an entire new product category.
Dr. Guenther fully understood the benefits that music and sound can bring to our
lives by reducing stress, calming nerves, adding mental focus, and making us just
want to get up and dance. It’s common knowledge that music helps us enjoy
life’s good things, and can help ease the pain of sadness, loneliness, and illness.
For many years, Dr. Guenther suffered from the painful symptoms of gout, and
often commented that he’d found relief from its pain during sessions of treatment
with ultra low frequency sound. He felt strongly that at the very minimum, the
company could, and should, evolve its products to further help reduce the
stresses of life, and even pain relief, because sound matters.
Harnessing Low Frequency Sound

Significant research has been done over the years as to the potential health
enhancing benefits of incorporating music and sound, both as an alternative to,
and more broadly accepted as, a complement to traditional wellness treatments.
Late last year, for example, Dr. Lee Bartel, Professor Emeritus at the University of
Toronto, presented a TED talk during which he provided an excellent overview as
to how medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, depression, and Alzheimer’s
disease can respond to brain re-regulation with sound stimulation (Music
Medicine: At A Cellular Level/Dr. Lee Bartel/TEDxCollingwood/Nov 9 2017).
Much of the research surrounding the potential benefits of sound on medical
conditions, including that referenced in the above TED talk, has centered around
low frequency audio tones. The reproduction of such tones has typically been
done by large diameter acoustic drivers mounted in large enclosures, known as
Leveraging a Core Technology

Soundmatters has an extensive portfolio of acoustic patents and years of research
relative to providing extended deep bass response from shockingly small acoustic
drivers/enclosures, putting the company in a unique position to provide potential
wellness beneficial solutions.
A First Step

An initial step towards identifying potential health and wellness benefits from
sound can be found in a feature of the pending UPstage™360, a Soundmatters
designed product. The UPstage360, branded under the new LEVEL 10™ mark, is
an Omnidirectional, Open Architecture, Smart Music System, just announced on
Kickstarter. It provides four often-cited frequency mixes, played at low levels
“underneath” selected nature sounds. Each frequency mix is designed to
complement/enhance the selected
nature sounds of normal calming, energizing, or focusing benefits. More
information is available at
Soundmatters International, Inc. (, is dedicated to
developing consumer electronics that enhance, rather than complicate consumers’
For further information contact: Lee Adams
Tel: 805.2182380
Skype: ethoslee

  • Yury Guzman
    Posted at 14:57h, 01 May Reply

    This should be a great Venture!

    You can tell music affects you, it can make you feel lively or calm you, etc. I have known this since I was a child – it’s great that you guys are actually doing research into this phenomenon.

    I would bet money that it will turn into something that will benefit people in more ways than we thought possible.

    If you guys want any help testing any of the equipment or that type of thing, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I will be willing to participate. Good luck!

  • George philip moreno
    Posted at 19:41h, 22 June Reply

    I was an old school audiophile since1978.I started with gas amps moving coil cartridges and mangnepan speakers.magic audio combinations.i was a burnt out pot smoker who we quit in 1978.started listening to music on aforementioned equipment.helped rebuild my brain.i got lots of enjoyment out of my system/music.i also played the drums.theni was active audiophile till late80s.the cd sound wasn’t as 2011 i had a stroke.but i had soundmatters foxl that i tucked in my skycap hat at the airport where i work.i danced to the tunes till my brain rebuilt itself again(gods help).i think the low frequencies helped.also in late80s i listened to dr.Dr.Tomatis.did his cassette listening program that helped sharpen my hearing.i cam no longer play golf table Dennis or foosball.(I’m about20 percent visually impaired.evverything goes into my small blind spot..don’t know why i can’t play drums anymore.i am good research am familiar with ad oundmatters already.

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