OEM & Licensing

OEM & Licensing

Multi-element rare-earth magnet structures are the key to delivering the high-performance, lightweight, and compact-size loudspeakers required by today’s smaller-is-better, flatter-is-better product applications. Soundmatters’ scientists were the first to use such high-tech material and alignments in consumer audio products and have 30 years of experience of practical use. The company holds numerous patents regarding the efficient use of neodymium and has achieved a high level of cost effectiveness combined with superior performance.

These patented and proprietary technologies enable Soundmatters to engineer remarkable compactness providing audiophile-quality sound solutions for flat-panel speakers, gaming systems, LCD  displays, and personal entertainment products. You may visit our technology page for more info.

Soundmatters makes its design and turn-key product services available to a very select number of internationally renowned companies. Should you have a project you would like to discuss, we invite your inquiry to oem@soundmatters.com.


Concrete Audio – F1 Wall Mounted Loudspeaker
The model F1 combines an ultra-flat concrete body with the patented array technique of the Fraunhofer IDMT to form an innovative speaker system. 41 of Soundmatters’ 25mm Twoofer speakers act as a large membrane, with a cabinet depth of only 32mm.

Jawbone – Jambox Series 
Soundmatters provided patented audio technologies, engineering, and OEM services to Aliph/Jawbone, enabling their record-setting expansion beyond bluetooth headsets into the portable audio category.