Dual Dash7 with (Refurbished) FoxLO

Dual Dash7 with (Refurbished) FoxLO


MSRP: $627

The Professional Monitoring System:

Pair two Dash7s of your choice, one each for the left and right channels, creating full stereo separation and double the output level. Wired with one foxLO, this is an unbeatable combination in terms of fidelity, stereo imaging, and frequency response. Includes necessary cables and L/R Channel splitter.

Note: The full system is connected by wires (included). Quickly disconnect one Dash7 from your sub for a great ultra-portable speaker.

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(Two) DASH7 Bluetooth Speakers, each with:

Bluetooth Extended-range
Keep the music playing up to 30 ft

3/4″ height and weighs just 7.1 oz

Patented Bass-Battery™
Deep bass and 12-hour battery life

Music + Phone
Incoming call? Take it
on the Dash7’s built-in mic (w/ noise cancellation technology)

Sub woofer connectivity
Sub Output for powered foxLO subwoofer


(One) foxLO portable subwoofer:

Linear Magnetic Drive™
Subwoofer with dual passive radiator system
(30 watts amplification and range down to 30Hz)

Flexible Connectivity
• Audio Input with variable Bass Level and Power LED
• Full Pass Audio Out (3.5mm) for signal without subwoofer output
• Switchable Limiter Circuit

Vertical and Horizontal orientations

LO Bass Response
Frequency response: 30Hz-200Hz

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