foxL DUAL V2

foxL DUAL V2


MSRP: $369-$499

DUAL foxL V2s – Twice the Sound. Twice the Output.

A music monitoring system good enough for the pros.

Pair two of the foxLv2 of your choice, one each for the left and right channels creating full stereo separation and double the output level. Also comes with two AudioQuest® Special Edition audio cables for hi-resolution critical Listening; and one Left/Right Channel Adapter/Splitter.

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Box Includes:

• Two foxL V2s of your choice
• Two AudioQuest 3.5mm cables
• Two Power Adapters
• Two USB Charging Cables
• Two Travel Pouches
• Two Anti-Dance “yoga” Mats
• Two Wrist Straps
• ONE Left/Right adapter
• User Manual (English/French)


“on the road… I used to have to bring a separate suitcase w/ speakers in it to be able to hear music i’m working on but now my hotel room setup is this…my laptop with two foxL speakers… with the adapter to run them both out of the computer… the sound is a perfect smaller version of exactly what my music sounds like in the studio… the physical proportions of the instruments, and the eq’s are all correct. it’s fantastic… pretty remarkable, but try it yourself… take any song you are truly familiar with… listen to it again and again on your big speakers and then listen to it on the pair of foxL’s… it’s astounding. the fidelity and the balances are exact. brilliant.” 

– Waddie Wachtel
Legendary guitarist/composer/producer for artists such as the the Rolling Stones, Everly Brothers,
Carole King, James Taylor, Leann Rimes, & most recently musical director/lead guitarist for Stevie Nicks

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