Left & Right Channel Stereo Splitter

Left & Right Channel Stereo Splitter


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For using two foxL or two foxLv2 in a single stereo system – one for the left, one for the right.
*foxLs and cables not included.

  • 3.5mm stereo male input (connects to music device, ie iPod or PC)
  • 3.5mm Left channel female output (connects to left channel cable/foxL)
  • 3.5mm Right channel female output (connects to right channel cable/foxL)

NOTE: For best fidelity and channel matching, don’t mix original and v2 speakers in a single system.

Why we recommend it: A surprising number of people are using two seperate foxLs to create a high output/wide separation discrete left and right speaker system. Normally splitting and separating the channels requires a rats nest of cables and adapters. Use this high quality splitter and a couple of high quality audio cables (like the AudioQuest) and you’re good to go!

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