Level10 UPstage360 AVAILABLE NOW!


Level10 UPstage360 AVAILABLE NOW!

$599.00 $499.00

Why we created the UPstage360, a letter from our CEO


“Soundmatters UPstage 360 Not a Coffee Maker But Brews Up Immersive Sound…
I like the intersection of audiophilia and innovative tech.” – Michael Fremer, Analog Planet


“I am honored to be among the first to hear an intitial version of the Upstage 360. VERY COOL! Can’t wait to own one”. – Gayle Sanders,  Martin-Logan & Eikon founder


“Congrats on the new component… looks really cool!”
  – Henry Rollins, musician, actor, writer, radio host,   activist, audiophile

UPstage 360 is the world’s first 360° Hi-Res smart speaker that will fill your space with audiophile-grade sound, providing:


3-way tri-amplified system


360° Hi-Res sound with enveloping soundstage


40Hz- 40kHz ultra-wide frequency range


Lossless aptX Bluetooth transmission


Open “Smart” architecture with docking well for Echo input, Echo Dot (Gen 1+2) and others.

Portability and 6- 10-hour battery life


UPstage360 enables internal docking with Echo Dot (Gen 1 & 2)  and ChromeCast, and is compatible with various streaming platforms including Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, and Apple Music!


UPstage360 uses a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth chip to automatically connect to your system and  auto-configure into left and right stereo channels when using 2 Upstage360 for audiophile-grade fidelity (not available with Alexa devices).


If you live outside the U.S. and would like to purchase an UPstage360 click here



UPstage360 users manual PDF Download

Q1 – What’s the first thing I should do to setup my UPstage?

Answer – Plug the power supply into your Upstage360, and let it charge until the light on the power button stops blinking.

  • Q2 – What can I connect to my UPstage? How do I switch between them?

Answer – There are 3 playback modes, from the dock for an Echo Dot (Gen 1 or 2), Bluetooth, or Auxiliary in

When the Upstage is powered on, press the power button for about 1 second to change the source, with the power button light turning red when the Upstage360 is in the dock mode, Blue when it is in Bluetooth mode and White when it is in the Auxiliary input mode.

  • Q3 – How do I use Bluetooth?

Answer – The button for Bluetooth pairing your Upstage360 to other devices is the small button on top of the volume control. So first, if the light on the power button is not Blue, press the power button  for about a second at a time until the power button is lit Blue. Then press the Bluetooth button for a few seconds and release it. When you hear the ascending tones the Upstage is Bluetooth discoverable and you should begin the search with your device (i.e. phone/tablet/PC).

  • Q4 – Any tips/limitations on using two UPstages for separate Left and Right Stereo channels?

Answer – 1. You can connect two Upstages via either an audio cable, or Bluetooth…not both.

  1. Once connected, you can use either Bluetooth or Aux-in as a source, the Echo Dot is not able to breakout the signal to transmit


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