Moment With Energizer Wireless Charging Stand

Moment With Energizer Wireless Charging Stand


$249 MSRP

Moment is the newest ultra-portable audiophile speaker by Soundmatters, engineered to achieve a new level of ultra-portability and near-field sonic fidelity, along with wireless charging.

Moment is unique: It was not created to fill a large room…nor impress with sheer loudness (high SPL), but to fill you and your personal listening space with a natural and enveloping soundstage.

Soundmatters calibrated the Bluetooth, patented carbon-poly acoustic driver performance, and carbon-fiber infused body to optimize Moment for near-field listening (1–5 ft). The result provides listeners ultra-precise, wide-frequency sound, with remarkably clear detailing as well as deep dynamics, all from a shockingly small, shirt pocket-sized music system.

Moment features Energizer® Wireless Charging technology. Moment’s magnetic back simply snaps to the optional charging stand for convenient and quick charging––taking 2-3 hours to fully charge a depleted battery. The stand angles Moment toward the listener, making it the perfect listening setup for a desktop, table, or workspace.

Note: Charge Moment initially using the provided USB cable before using the stand for charging.

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Near-field optimized for a natural and enveloping soundstage

3/4″ thick and weighs just 7.0 oz

Magnetic Back with Wireless Charging
Conveniently place Moment on magnetic surfaces
and wirelessly charge on the Energizer® Charging Stand

Patented Bass-Battery™
Deep bass and up to 7 hours of battery life (volume dependent)

Use Moment’s speakerphone for clear calls

Box includes:

Moment in Slate (Gray)
• Micro USB charging cable
• Energizer® Wireless Charging Stand

Additional Information
Moment Options

Moment, Energizer Wireless Charging Stand, Moment with Energizer Charging Stand


Battery Life:
up to 7 hours (volume dependent)

Charging Time (Energizer Charging Stand)
2-3 hours to full charge

7.0 oz

Frequency Response:
70-20kHz +/-3dB @ .5m

• Width: 4.75″
• Height: 2.25″
• Depth: 0.75″

Output Level:
97dB @ 0.5m 5V
94dB @ 0.5m 3.6V

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