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MSRP: $199-$279

This is the second Generation (Not the V2.2) Professional Quality, Ultra-Portable Personal Studio Monitor.

Dubbed “amazing” (STEREOPHILE). Voted “Gadget of the Year” (TIME). The foxLv2 series is the go-to speaker for many music industry leaders, such as John Harris (multi-Grammy Award Winning Mixer/foxL owner) and Waddie Wachtel (Legendary Guitarist/Producer/foxL owner).

The foxLv2 Series is engineered around a pair of proprietary, highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unique in their ability to reproduce both extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single very small diameter (25mm) dome speaker, dubbed the “Twoofer”.

This will not have quite as good Bluetooth performance as the newer V2.2, but is just as good when using the wired connection.

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This is the second generation of the foxL. The Bluetooth performance is not quite as good as the V2.2 But the sound on the wired connection is still excellent

Professional portable music monitoring system

Delivers sound quality good enough for any critical listener.

The battery that goes and goes
Patented Bass-Battery™ for deep bass and up to 12 hours battery life.

Take calls seamlessly
Includes Speakerphone with noise cancelation.

Subwoofer connectivity
Sub Output for optional powered foxLO subwoofer.

Additional Information

foxLv2 Series (Bluetooth)


Box includes:

• foxLv2 Series (Bluetooth) speaker
• International charging kit
• 3.5mm cable
• Travel Pouch
• Anti-slip acoustic mat

Battery Life:
12 hours

Output Level:
97dB @ 0.5m, 5V
95dB @ 0.5m, 3.6V

AC Adapter:
5V 2A Max 15W

9 oz.

2W x 2 <0.1%THD, 5V in
1W x 2 <0.1%THD, 3.6V in

Freq. Response:
70Hz-20kHz +/- 6dB, .5m

power in, audio in, sub out

143 x 55 x 35 mm (5.6 x 2.2 x 1.4 inch)

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