Soundmatters is proud to present Soundmatters LIVE!

At Soundmatters sound really does matter, and this summer we decided to give voice and venue to up-and-coming artists of exceptional talent, providing them with professionally produced music videos in our very own Los Angeles production studio. We call it Soundmatters LIVE.

We have a growing list of videos featuring a variety of artists and musicians covering the spectrum of R&B, singer/songwriter, and many other genres.

The reception has been tremendously positive, with thousands of views on our YouTube channel alone, and many many more via the artist’s personal outlets, providing meaningful and shareable content to the growing Soundmatters fan-base. For example, featured artist Luis Figueroa has received over 100K views on his YouTube channel for his cover of John Legend’s “All of Me”! (video below)

We are very excited for our Soundmatters Live series and how its platform (and movement) will continue to grow!

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